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Online Course Ideal for:
  1. ✓ Hybrid Learning
  2. ✓ Independent Study
  3. ✓ Workforce Development
  4. ✓ Adult Education

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This online, self-paced course provides an easy way to engage ALL students in a life-changing process!
From a best-selling author with over 2 million books in print Career Choices and Changes Online student edition. Desiged to resemble a personal journal, Career Choices and Changes ONLINE is actually a carefully planned, self-paced career development and life-planning program that  learners will find not only logical and easy to follow but also inspiring, intuitive, and at the same time realistic.

If you are looking for an ONLINE curriculum that is:

  • plug and play so you can spend all your time and energy on your students and not redesigning a course for an online environment
  • easy to implement for both student and instructor, yet robust, comprehensive, and able to foster deeper learning
  • both High Tech and High Touch, using technology in a high touch comprehensive guidance course that fosters connections and relationships between instructor and students
  • perfect for the Hyflex environment needed
  • a great value, costing less than half as much as other online platforms at this depth of learning

Look no further. Request an exam copy.
With the Career Choices and Changes curriculum, creating motivated, engaged, and career-ready students has never been easier and more rewarding!

Adaptable, this course has been taught at the college/post-secondary level as:

  • ✓ a traditional instructor-led course
  • ✓ a hybrid course
  • ✓ a distance-learning course
  • ✓ Independent Study
  • ✓ Adult Ed

This web-based program synthesizes the data and responses from the nearly 100 activities and exercises into a
quantitative, unique, and personalized 10-year Career and Life Plan along with a unique Skills-Based Education Plan.

At the same time, your students will:
  • learn a decision-making process that they can use as they make life’s important choices. They will come back to this tool over and over again as they navigate their career path and lifestyle choices in the coming years.
  • come away with an in-depth understanding of what is needed to thrive not only in today’s college environment but also in the workplace.
  • be motivated to persist and graduate because they not only have direction but also an understanding of the value of a good education.

You’ll boost your retention and graduation rate with this online decision-making tool as you help students develop an informed career and education plan.
It’s like having a career counselor in a package!
It gently guides the reader through the process of making some of life’s most important decisions.
Pat Schwallie-Giddis, Ph.D.
Past President, National Career Development Association
Former Chair, Department of Counseling & Human Development,
The George Washington University (retired)

Course management is easy. Once each student’s coursework is finished, instructors can grade the online 10-year Plan Summary Page or the Online Portfolio. These two authentic assessment opportunities demonstrate the work completed by each student throughout the course. With this integrated course management system, students can choose the format that matches their learning style. Either: Career Choices & Changes ONLINE or Career Choices & Changes workbook and® Each adoption comes with a license to the Instructors’ Resource Center where you’ll find a wealth of planning and implementation tools that will help you develop your course.