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The Ideal Grading and Assessment Plan

“Student learning would be assessed on the basis of portfolios, exhibitions, special projects and experiments, and recitals and performances—real accomplishments, not abstract test scores.”

Ronald A. Wolk,
Founding editor of Education Week and Teacher Magazine

The Career Choices and Changes workbook along with® provides an opportunity to use authentic assessments, the highest level of evaluation.

We’ve made this easy for you. You’ll find on the Instructor’s Resource Center a variety of tools and suggestions to bring your oversight of our students to the highest level of support and accountability. While at the same time making your workload manageable.

Assessment Tools in the
Instructor’s Resource Center Include:

  • Authentic Assessments
  • Pre-/Post-Survey Tool
  • Midterm & Final Exam Resources
  • Discussion Questions & Essays
  • Weekly Quizzes

Final Exam Opportunity:

The Online 10-year
Plan Summary Page

A culmination of all the
work students have done
in an easy-to-read document

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