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The Flipped Classroom is the Ideal Delivery Strategy

Using technology to enhance in-depth learning

When instructors “flip the classroom” using the engaging, interactive® and Career Choices and Changes to present content prior to each class meeting, precious face-to-face time with students can be used for more in-depth class discussions and projects. This provides the comprehensive guidance experience critical to student success. The role of the instructor will change from lecturer to advisor, and both instructor and student satisfaction will soar.

If students complete the reading and workbook activities before class, obtain new perspectives from thought-provoking interaction in class, and then refine their thoughts as they edit their initial responses into®, the result will be thoughtful, meaningful 10-year plans. They will also have experienced firsthand the best methodology for problem solving utilizing critical and creative thinking.

And while this is called the Flipped Classroom model, this strategy is just as applicable for remote courses where the class cohort of students meet via a digital platform such as Zoom. By using the powerful self-directed learning strategy of the Career Choices and Changes tools, your students will come to their class meetings, wherever they are held, ready - under the guidance of their instructor - to take their learning and understanding to the next step.

Most instructors of this course use the Flipped Classroom strategy.

The sample pacing guides, found on the Instructor’s Resource Center follow this progressive model.

How does it work?

Prior to the class devoted to a chapter, assign the reading, videos, and activities from both the workbook and® or Career Choices and Changes ONLINE as homework. These exercises are very personal in nature, and students should have adequate time to contemplate their initial responses. Upon completing the work independently, they arrive at class with a basic understanding of the topic and how it impacts their lives and planning, ready to discuss and expand on those topics. In this interactive group setting—either in person or remotely—students benefit from the guidance of the instructor as well as exposure to various viewpoints and input from peers. This is what makes this course so powerful.