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Higher Order Assessment

The Career Choices and Changes curriculum is unlike any other teaching tool used today.

In contrast to the didactic prose of other textbooks that deliver knowledge in a passive “tell-me” format, the Career Choices & Changes/® model is a series of interactive charts, activities, questions, and surveys in a carefully developed scope and sequence. Using the Socratic method of questioning (on paper) rather than lecturing (found in didactic text), this approach fosters the development of the critical thinking skills required in today’s workforce.

The workbook and online material walk students through a step-by-step process that provides the foundation for determining—with confidence—their routes to the life, career, and education plans that match their personal goals and ideals. In this course, they learn a decision-making process that can be used throughout their lives when making any life-defining choices.

Understandably, this is a complex process that requires the application of higher-order thought: analysis, synthesis, creativity, and strategic thinking. As they make what are some of the most important decisions about their direction, learners are required to continually review the information and personal data collected in earlier chapters (Section One: Who Am I? Section Two: What Do I Want?) and apply that knowledge and understanding in later chapters (Section Three: How Do I Get It?) while developing their quantitative and meaningful 10-year plans.

Keep in mind that® is not an e-book. It is a digital, data-driven online platform that collects personalized data throughout the course and transforms it into a variety of valuable documents. Each of those documents can be graded as authentic assessments (as noted in the infographic).

These dynamic documents include:

  • My 10-year Plan Summary Page that can be quickly reviewed by instructors and advisors to personalize their work with each student.
  • The 10-year Plan and Portfolio report provides rich content for interviews, personal essays for college, and workforce recruiting, but it can also serve as an authentic assessment for midterms or finals.
  • My Skills Inventory is a dynamic digital chart that collects data throughout the course and helps students develop learning plans and prepare for interviews.
  • Skills-Based Education Plan related to their chosen career paths.
  • Your Lifestyle Budget Plan details the lifestyle the learner envisions for themselves and, as a result, the educational commitment required in order to match these aspirations.
  • Career Interest Surveys help the learner track personal and career specific data to find those careers that match their skills, aptitudes, goals, and dreams discovered throughout the course.
  • Career Backup Plan provides the type of flexible roadmap required by today’s ever-changing workforce.