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Instructor Welcome Packet

Designed to save you time, the Instructor Welcome Packet on the Instructor’s Resource Center(login required) outlines a plethora of documents and resources that will make your job easier and more rewarding.

Designed to support your use of Career Choices and Changes,®, and/or Career Choices and Changes ONLINE, the resources available through the online Instructor Welcome Packet include but are not limited to:

Course Planning Resources

  • Course Instructor's Quick Start Checklist
  • Tips for Flipping the Classroom
  • Sample Syllabus
  • Sample Syllabus (Word version)
  • First Class Meeting - Suggested Agenda
  • Sample Discussion Questions by Chapter

Course Support and Communication

  • Sample "Welcome to My Class" Email
  •® Instructions (Students)
  • Creating Your Class in®
  • How to Reset Student Passwords
  • Sample: Complete 10-year Plan Portfolio
  • Sample Class Recruitment Flyer 1

Verified instructors are provided with complimentary login credentials so they can access all of these resources and more. If you have adopted the Career Choices and Changes curriculum and need access, please contact our technical support team at (800) 967-8016.